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Breaking News from Inside Contract Companion

By Litera Microsystems on July 14, 2016
Litera Microsystems

This is Microsystems Contract Companion reporting to you on the scene. We’ve received reports that there is growing dissatisfaction among the document reviewing community. Repetitive re-evaluations of agreements and other legal documents have taken their toll on Attorneys and Document Processors alike. There is a general feeling of lost productivity in the crowd as they’re required to continuously re-analyze their documents to see the latest results. Well, worry no more. Contract Companion comes to you live, inside your document, where we can report the latest changes to you as they’re made.

No longer will you have to wait on a solution to re-analyze your entire document in order to know what has changed. With Contract Companion, you can be confident that the results of your analysis will change as you make edits; no re-analysis required! With the ability to ignore and mark items as reviewed, you can work through your results with confidence that nothing has missed your eye.

I’m getting reports that the mood of reviewers has greatly improved after hearing this newsflash. Looks like my work here is done. This is Contract Companion, signing off.

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