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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Training?

By Mike Plumb on March 9, 2017
Mike Plumb

As Manager of Customer Engagement & Adoption on the Customer Services team, Mike has a strong background in technical writing, training, project management, and builds resources to help his clients gain adoption.

I was reading an article in The Economist entitled Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change. It surmises that our “classic model of education… is breaking down.” With increased advances in technology, at such a rapid rate, our schooling we received as youths cannot be adequately supplemented with a “lunch and learn” during our corporate years. And “…on the job training is shrinking. In America and Britain, it has fallen by roughly half in the past two decades.”

In the legal industry, even if the training is adequate, it is difficult to get lawyers to take the time. They are laser-focused on billing and they can’t spend a week in a training class learning complicated software to improve their agreement drafting and contract reviewing skills. But, they also cannot afford to fall behind the competition when it comes to the speed and accuracy of how they perform their tasks.

There are countless articles regarding clients pushing back on the fees law firms charge. In the past they could do this without question. Now, they need to be as efficient as possible, and the best way is with new technology that they don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning.

At Microsystems, our entire Companion suite of products is all about, quick and easy to use functionality, requiring minimal to no training. Issues with Numbering or Table of Contents? Just click a button and you have automated numbering, using DocXtools Companion. Click again and you have a perfect TOC. Reusing an existing contract for a new deal and you don’t have time to proofread it? Run an Analysis with Contract Companion and be done in minutes.

Of course we hope that everyone can make to time to learn and grow and take advantage of all educational opportunities. But know that here at Microsystems, we have your back, regardless of how much time you have. Install our products and start using them right away.

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