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Microsystems DocXtools 8.6—ndOffice Integration Improvements

By Litera Microsystems on April 27, 2017
Litera Microsystems

New TLS Connectivity with NetDocuments

DocXtools 8.6 is now available from Microsystems. As always, we continue to keep up with the latest technologies to ensure continued integration with many third-party vendors. NetDocuments connectivity with TLS 1.2 is used in this release. Earlier versions of DocXtools continue to use TLS 1.0 and will no longer work once NetDocuments disables TLS 1.0.

DocXtools DocID with NetDocuments/ndOffice

For those of you using DocXtools DocID with NetDocuments/ndOffice, this new version now returns the Cabinet Name as an additional setting option.

For more information about upgrading to DocXtools 8.6, contact your Customer Success Manager at Microsystems.

Topics: DocXtools

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