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Microsystems: The Evolution Continues

By Litera Microsystems on August 23, 2016
Litera Microsystems

“One who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life,” is a famous quote by Charles Darwin (The Life & Letters of Charles Darwin). If Charles were around today, then he would probably pinch himself after seeing the latest software from Microsystems.

DocXtools Companion 8.5, DocXtools 8.3, Contract Companion 4.5, and 3BClean 5.0 pack enough new evolutionary technology that they would make Charles quiver with excitement!

Clients were blown away when Microsystems initially released DocXtools Companion with numbering, cross references, and table of contents solutions. But we have not stopped there. Now we have tackled one of the nastiest problems that law firms deal with today, converted documents. With a single click, DocXtools Companion is addressing all of the common PDF and scanner issues that we have all struggled with for years: Section Breaks; Paragraph Spacing; Paragraph Reflow; Drawings; Textbox Content; Inconsistent fonts and font sizes; and so much more. 

DocXtools 8.3 sees bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Contract Companion 4.5 is ready to take the place of the already popular EagleEye 3.0.  Contract Companion 4.5 brings together all of the best that EagleEye 3.0 had to offer: Related Document Check; Reporting; more UK, Australia and New Zealand legislation references; and a state of the art User Interface.  Contract Companion 4.5 takes advantage of all of the latest technologies to analyze your contracts and provide you with the information that matters most.  Additionally, clients have the option to run the Contract Companion engine from each user's local machine; to use a dedicated Microsystems server - allowing Microsystems to push the most recent library updates without requiring anything from your IT team; or to run Contract Companion from a dedicated, onsite server.

3BClean has long been at the industry forefront for automated email metadata scrubbing. Subject tag email cleaning and localized desktop metadata removal are a few pieces of functionality that clients have come to expect from 3BClean.  Many of you asked for a way to clean internal emails and Microsystems is proud to announce that we have delivered on this request with 3BClean 5.0, featuring Exchange Agent 5.0.  Exchange Agent sits atop your firm's Exchange server and speaks directly to your firm's 3BClean server allowing internal emails to be cleaned. Along with Exchange Agent 5.0, 3BClean 5.0 adds customer reported enhancements and an updated cleaning engine! Like it the old way? You can keep that, if you prefer.

Microsystems continues to be at the forefront in technological advances for the legal and life sciences.  So, what will the next major step in Microsystems evolution be?  Stay tuned...

Topics: DocXtools, Contract Companion

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