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It’s That Time Again: ILTACON 2018
By Litera Microsystems on July 24, 2018

How is it the end of summer already? As this whirlwind season comes to a close, we’re not just excited about sending the kids back to school—we can’t wait to go ourselves! That’s how we...

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Technology Legal

What Is Time-Saving Technology Saving You Time For?
By Litera Microsystems on July 12, 2018

At Litera Microsystems, we talk a lot about using technology to save time. Just recently, we’ve blogged about how much time modern word processing saves lawyers in drafting documents,...

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Events Legal The Changing Lawyer

The Changing Lawyer Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Legal Innovation
By Avaneesh Marwaha on June 21, 2018

The legal industry is changing—and the best legal service providers are driving it. As technology advances, firms are able to deliver better quality work, at lower cost. And clients have...

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Microsoft Legal

Click-to-Run & Risk Management
By Litera Microsystems on May 25, 2018

Click-to-run. CTR. C2R. At this point you have probably seen mention of one of these – this is Microsoft’s alternative to the traditional Windows Installer-based (MSI) method of...

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Millennials Legal

How Millennials Are Changing the Legal Profession— Starting with Law School
By Litera Microsystems on November 9, 2017

We have written before about how law firms need to adapt to the new generation of millennial workers if they want to attract and retain the best young legal talent. However, it’s not...

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Technology Legal

Tales from the DocER – Microsystems.config
By Litera Microsystems on March 23, 2017

Microsystems.config filesIf you are using DocXtools, you have a Microsystems.config file. But what does it do? If we think of DocXtools like a restaurant, the database is the chef. It is...

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