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By Litera Microsystems on July 18, 2016
Litera Microsystems



Contestants were given the following passage. The challenge was to spot all the errors for a chance at a $100 Amazon Gift Card:

Section 1              Prepayment Amount.    The Mammoth Ladder Company (“Ladder Co”) will buy the tall maple wooden ladders and stools for (i) one million dollars ($100000), (iii) 1,000 shares, and (iv) 3 delivery vehicles; with cash payable on July 3, 2016 by direct deposit. 

Section 1.1          Delivery Terms. The tall maple wooden ladders and stools will be delivered to Ladder Co by July xx, 2016 or earlier. 

Section 2              Quality Standards. The tall Maple wooden ladders and stools must be (a) of free of visible knots larger than 5 mm (ask Bob Smith?) in diameter,  (b) sanded smooth, (b) made of Sugar Maple. Otherwise, Madder Co will be allowed to return the tall maple wooden ladders.

The corrections are:

  1. One million dollars is followed by ($100000), which is only one hundred thousand dollars.
  2. The “(iii)” is an out of order number.
  3. The payment date is listed as July 3, 2016, which is a Sunday. Even worse, it is before a holiday (July 4) on a Monday. Payment would be more desirable on the Thursday or Friday before a long weekend.
  4. “Section 1.1” is an inconsistent numbering format.
  5. July xx, 2016 needs the actual date filled out.
  6. Maple is capitalized in only one place. Is this intended as a definition? Is there something special about this Maple?
  7. “ask Bob Smith?” is a question that should be resolved before saying this contract is finished.
  8. There are two spaces after “(b)”, instead of one. Not a big deal, but in longer documents it looks sloppy and may indicate sections of text that have come from other authors or sources.
  9. There are two “(b)” clauses.
  10. Ladder Co is misspelled at the end as “Madder.”
  11. The author uses the phrase “tall maple wooden ladders and stools” three times, but only says “the tall maple wooden ladders” at the end. Did the author get tired? Or can they really only return the ladders but not the stools?

Thanks everyone for entering! The winner will be contacted directly.


Topics: Contract Companion

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