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What’s New in the Contract Companion World?

By Litera Microsystems on June 28, 2016
Litera Microsystems

Microsystems is constantly listening to you, our clients, and strives to improve our products to respond to your input as well as incorporate the latest in software technology. With the release of Contract Companion 4.4, there are several exciting new changes you want to take advantage of!

First, based on feedback from our users, we made changes to the interface to help present the results in a more meaningful and efficient way, reduce confusion when coming back to the product after a period of time, and make it easier to accomplish most common tasks. The Dashboard View, which displays when you first run an analysis, shown below, provides useful information at first glance.





Numbering Issues

If you are familiar with EagleEye, you are familiar with Inconsistent Numbering. With the release of Contract Companion 4.4, the feature is now Numbering Issues and finds more than just inconsistent numbering. The three potential errors Numbering Issues finds includes:

  • Out of Order Numbers
  • Repeated Numbers
  • Inconsistent Number Format

Mark Incomplete

Contract Companion already found placeholders you put in your document to mark things that you need to come back to and fix. With the release of 4.4, comes the ability to Mark Incomplete items directly from the Ribbon or a button in the action pane in the add-in. Mark Incomplete provides four types of markers you can use:

  • Insert bullet
  • Highlight text
  • Color text
  • Bracket text

While you can insert incomplete marks from either the Ribbon, or results pane, the steps vary slightly.



With 4.4, the reporting feature is available to generate a report in Word of issues found. The report is dynamically generated based on the contents of the results pane. You have the freedom to control whether the report includes all items found, all items found in a certain category, or only items in a category you have checked in the results pane. With this freedom, you can use the reports to:

  • Identify potential risks by creating a report from the Risk Assessments pane
  • Identify items in the document that you want another person to change, who may not have Contract Companion installed on their machine

All Category

The All category was added to give you the ability to capture everything Contract Companion found in your open document among all the features, whether those things found were errors, potential errors, or just items you might want to look at. You can use the All category to generate a report of everything found in the document in all the categories.

With these new features and improvements, Microsystems is working harder to make your life easier.

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