2020 Product Update: Q2 Release Overview

By Jason Vander Meer on July 1, 2020
Jason Vander Meer

As Chief Product Officer, Jason is responsible for defining and negotiating the strategic vision, planning, execution, delivery, and launch of products in the Litera suite.

Litera continues to focus on the features and functionality our customers have requested. Simplifying vendor relationships, purchasing, and the lawyer’s workflow has always been a priority. This quarter, Best Authority joins the Litera Desktop ribbon, and Metadact reaches feature parity with Workshare Protect while also gaining an “Attachment Manager” feature that eliminates the need for yet another separate product. We also made headway on interoperability in our products, giving users the ability to access content from Forte in Clause Companion. Plus, our latest and highly requested integration between Clause Companion and iManage makes it easier than ever to find and populate the clause library.

Check out the videos below to see these updates in action.


As highly requested, Clause Companion is integrating with iManage! Users get instant access to their iManage content and folders directly from the Litera task pane, drastically reducing the time it takes to populate and find the best content and clauses. This expands upon other content integrations, like Kira. See the updates!

Clause Companion and Content Companion v4.6 by Litera



Following our acquisition of Levit & James, Best Authority will be accessible from within the Litera Desktop ribbon, enabling users to find more of their most-loved tools in a single location. This is our first step toward integrating Best Authority into Litigation Companion, and further simplifying the document drafting workflow.

In addition to fixing issues with one click, users have DocXtools Companion more visibility and control over changes in their document with a “Guided Experience,” enabling them to accept or reject any proposed fixes with Numbers, Cross References, and Tables of Contents issues. See the updates!

DocXtools Companion v11.7 by Litera

Finding the right files to compare is easier than ever with a new button in the Workshare Compare ribbon. No more extra steps: just one click and users can open and compare documents saved in the DMS.  

Metadact has reached parity with Workshare Protect/Workshare Protect Server with the ability to quarantine emails. There’s also a brand new “Attachment Manager” feature which lets users rename, combine, and convert attachments in Outlook—even add a password, cover page, and TOC—without having to use anything but Outlook and Metadact.  See the updates!

Metadact v5.0 by Litera

Litera Transact will save hours with the ability to clone deals, eliminating the need to start from scratch whenever a user kicks off a new, yet similar, transaction. See the updates!

Litera Transact (Doxly) v3.13, 3.14, and 3.15 by Litera

If you are a customer and want to learn more about updates specific to your products, please contact your Customer Success Manager or log into the Customer Center. To sign up or view a demo, let us know!

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