2020 Product Update: Q4 Release Overview

By Jason Vander Meer on January 12, 2021
Jason Vander Meer

As Chief Product Officer, Jason is responsible for defining and negotiating the strategic vision, planning, execution, delivery, and launch of products in the Litera suite.

We are pleased to announce that our Q4 product updates are arriving now! Here are the highlights of the most recent changes—all with customer feedback in mind: 

Litera Transact, Version 4.0

Easy-to-use Checklist: This robust release includes a brand new checklist interface that is easy to use and can be customized to fit each firm’s needs. Starting January 17, users will have access to this new interface, DMS enhancements that provide more control of documents, a new international signature workflow, and much more. 

Litera Transact v4.0.0


Metadact, Version 5.2.0

Integration with iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM): Metadact's data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities are now extended through third-party applications, starting with iManage Security Policy Manager. Metadact can now check against the allowed or denied recipient lists within iManage SPM and log, block, or quarantine suspicious emails accordingly. 

Metadact Q4 Release, Version 5.2.0


Compare, Version 10.8.0 

Performance and Quality Improvements: We fixed many bugs and other performance-related issues, ensuring a better and more seamless user experience.  

Product Consolidation: We’ve continued to move Change-Pro features into Compare. Now, reports can be compared side-by-side and redlined changes can also be seen. No more reading line by line trying to decipher changes.  

Additional Product Updates 

Clause Companion, DocXtools, and DocXtools Companion received fixes in new versions. Additional product updates are coming soon.

If you are a customer and want to learn more about updates specific to your products, please contact your Customer Success Manager or log into the Customer Center.

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