AI: The World of Tomorrow, Today!

By Adam Bourjaily on March 16, 2017
Adam Bourjaily

AI is all the rage right now.  From the conceptual – with the Jetsons’ maid, Rosie – to the actual – Amazon’s Alexa – AI has been on the minds of humanity for years and years. We long for that automated, no-thinking required cure to life’s toughest chores. The beauty of this struggle with figuring out the magic is that some of humanities latest and greatest achievements have been created: combustible engines, photography and video recording, the internet. Now that we are well into the 21st century, AI is really taking off in today’s world. Alexa, as mentioned above, is able to scour the internet to find answers to every day questions or play a song from your daily playlist. Self-driving cars are starting to enter into the realm of reality and on the car thought, how many cars/trucks/SUVs do you see on the road with side sensors that alert the driver of a nearby car?

Here in the business world, AI is also beginning to build steam. Smart applications such as Cortana, mentioned in the linked article, is attempting to change the way users work within Operating Systems. Microsystems is aiming to change the way lawyers work within and review documents. Contract Companion, the leading proofreading software on the market, takes advantage of smart AI to inform the user of improper editing and formatting marks based on the document the lawyer is working in. Even further, Contract Companion is smart enough to resolve those items when you tell it to.

AI aims to take out guess work and provide us with our needs. Not everyone’s needs are the same.  Not every document is the same. Contact Microsystems to schedule a demo and witness how Contract Companion can fit your needs.

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