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Adam Bourjaily

DocER is Here When You Need Us the Most
By Adam Bourjaily on April 20, 2017

Calling all Microsystems clients! How often do you find yourself scratching your head on Microsoft Word documents? What do you do? Sure, you could google the question, but in this day...

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Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Transforming Today’s Law Firms
By Adam Bourjaily on April 18, 2017

Matt James, Lead Sales Engineer at Microsystems, has worked within the legal industry for the past 9 years. Recently, he published an article on how AI is transforming today’s legal...

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Find Your Home as a Lifelong Learner at Microsystems
By Adam Bourjaily on April 6, 2017

Changes in technology are forcing a stronger demand between the connection of education and employment. Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative for employees and equally as...

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Litera Microsystems

Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Lederman & Paone Enhances Client Services with Microsystems
By Adam Bourjaily on March 22, 2017

Recently, Davison, Eastman, Munoz, Lederman, & Paone, P.A. (DEMLP) based in Freehold, New Jersey, conducted a case study of how the firm utilized technology with the assistance of...

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Artificial Intelligence

AI: The World of Tomorrow, Today!
By Adam Bourjaily on March 16, 2017

AI is all the rage right now.  From the conceptual – with the Jetsons’ maid, Rosie – to the actual – Amazon’s Alexa – AI has been on the minds of humanity for years and years. We long for...

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Build with Your End User in Mind
By Adam Bourjaily on March 2, 2017

“When you are a hammer, not everything is a nail.”

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Microsystems Training: Trends from Microsystems Support
By Adam Bourjaily on February 13, 2017

Would you take home gardening tips from man’s best friend?  How about having your car’s oil changed by your local grocery store cashier?  Of course not; we look to field experts for that...

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The Power of Thinking Forward
By Adam Bourjaily on January 12, 2017

Todd Corham is the CIO at Saul Ewing LLP.  Recently, he released an article in ILTA's 2016 Tech Survey about “thinking forward” when taking advantage of technology. 

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Litera Microsystems

ILTACON 2016 is Nearly Here!
By Adam Bourjaily on August 25, 2016

With this year’s ILTACON just a short time away, we at Microsystems wanted to take this opportunity to summarize all the exciting content driving our ILTA lineup this year. 

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Industry News

Privacy Shield: What Does It Really Mean?
By Adam Bourjaily on May 19, 2016

Recently, the announcement of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield seemingly has put to rest the complexity surrounding Safe Harbor.  With a slew of new documents explaining principle and structures,...

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