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Avaneesh Marwaha

As CEO, Avaneesh is responsible for leading Litera as we continue to grow in market impact and influence. He drives our entire team to deliver truly leading-edge solutions for our customers, and he challenges our team to improve every function across our business.
The 4 main challenges law firms are facing right now
By Avaneesh Marwaha on March 16, 2020

Law firms—like all of us—are feeling the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Looking Back on 2019: Another Banner Year for Litera
By Avaneesh Marwaha on December 27, 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve accomplished at Litera over the last year. It’s been another remarkable year, with continued growth for Litera Desktop and...

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Litera Microsystems and Workshare: What to Expect
By Avaneesh Marwaha on July 10, 2019

Our story as a company has evolved over the past few years, starting with Microsystems merger with XRef in 2016 and the addition of The Sackett Group and Litéra Corp. in 2017. Each...

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The Changing Lawyer Awards

The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019: Celebrating Excellence in Legal Innovation
By Avaneesh Marwaha on May 13, 2019

The legal profession has changed at a relentless pace over the last decade and its evolution is set to continue. New ways of working are emerging, upending traditional models, and law...

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Technology Legal

Litera Microsystems: What We’re Doing—and Doing Better—in 2019
By Avaneesh Marwaha on February 7, 2019

What’s in store for 2019 at Litera Microsystems? This was naturally a big topic at our recent company gathering, where every January, we get all of our staff together to talk about...

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Calling All Lawyers: Update Your Software
By Avaneesh Marwaha on July 27, 2018

As a lawyer, you’re tasked with ethical and zealous representation of your clients in a way that inspires their trust and confidence. Are you delivering?

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Events Legal The Changing Lawyer

The Changing Lawyer Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Legal Innovation
By Avaneesh Marwaha on June 21, 2018

The legal industry is changing—and the best legal service providers are driving it. As technology advances, firms are able to deliver better quality work, at lower cost. And clients have...

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Litera Desktop Has Arrived
By Avaneesh Marwaha on May 30, 2018

For decades we have worked to support the lawyer’s workflow. And for the past year, we have focused in on improving that workflow across the document lifecycle, increasing efficiency of...

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Litera Microsystems: Our Vision for 2018
By Avaneesh Marwaha on January 24, 2018

As we prepare for Legaltech 2018 next week, I’m looking at the year ahead and planning for where Litera Microsystems is going. I’ve already talked about the legal industry trends I...

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Top Five Legal Industry Trends for 2018
By Avaneesh Marwaha on January 8, 2018

As 2018 gets off to a cold start in much of the U.S., I’ve been reflecting on last year, looking forward to warmer weather, and thinking about what the new year holds—for the legal...

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