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Legal Transaction Management

Improving the Signature Management Workflow
By Litera on August 20, 2020

Managing signatures constitutes the largest amount of administrative time for lawyers and their teams when closing a deal. Traditional workflows for creating signature pages and packets...

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Product Updates

Important Updates to our Product Release, Version Support, and Obsolescence Policy
By Litera on July 6, 2020

The service and support we deliver to our customers is important to us, and we’re always looking to improve. In 2018, we set a quarterly product release schedule to help our customers...

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What Law Firms Need From Their Business Continuity Plans
By Litera on June 23, 2020

Until recently, many in the legal industry perceived business continuity planning as a nice-to-have rather than an urgent necessity. The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed that illusion,...

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Announcing The Changing Lawyer LIVE! Virtual Summit on April 23, 2020
By Litera on April 13, 2020

Coming soon to a computer screen near you…it’s The Changing Lawyer LIVE!, a one-day virtual conference on April 23, 2020. Whether you’re missing the fellowship of your office, searching...

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What’s in Store for Litera in 2020
By Litera on February 27, 2020

Sometimes—especially in the first few months of the year—it’s helpful to step back, take stock of where you’ve been, reevaluate where you’re going, and make sure that the path you’re on...

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Reevaluating Failure: How Failing Drives Growth in Learning, Business, and Even the Law
By Litera on December 3, 2019

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Technology Workflow Adoption

Why Does Software Go Unused? Improving Outcomes by Increasing Adoption Rates
By Litera on November 21, 2019

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Technology Legal Workflow

Increase Productivity by Simplifying Your Workflow
By Litera on October 25, 2019

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Litera Microsystems Legal

Why Legal Technology Companies Need Lawyers on Staff
By Litera on October 11, 2019

Who does a legal technology company need to have on staff? Software designers, absolutely. Sales and customer support staff, you bet. But what about lawyers? What do they bring to the...

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Legal Workflow Transaction Management

It’s Time to Start Using Technology to Manage Transactions
By Litera on September 30, 2019

Over the last few decades, lawyers have embraced technology for all kinds of tasks. We use artificial intelligence to rapidly identify case law precedents, judicial analytics to better...

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