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Announcing The Inaugural 2018 Changing Lawyer Awards Finalists
By Litera on August 16, 2018

We’re excited to announce the 20 legal professionals and organizations that are finalists for the inaugural 2018 Changing Lawyer Awards. The Changing Lawyer Awards are an opportunity for...

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Vote for us in the 2018 ITA CityLIGHTS Awards
By Litera on August 7, 2018

We are excited to be one of five nominees for the Lighthouse Award in the Illinois Technology Association’s prestigious CityLIGHTS Awards. It's a big honor and we are up against some...

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It’s That Time Again: ILTACON 2018
By Litera on July 24, 2018

How is it the end of summer already? As this whirlwind season comes to a close, we’re not just excited about sending the kids back to school—we can’t wait to go ourselves! That’s how we...

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Introducing The 2018 Changing Lawyer Awards Judging Panel
By Litera on July 19, 2018

The Changing Lawyer Awards nominations are in full swing as we look for individuals and organizations in legal that are embracing and driving change. With the deadline for nominations...

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What Is Time-Saving Technology Saving You Time For?
By Litera on July 12, 2018

At Litera Microsystems, we talk a lot about using technology to save time. Just recently, we’ve blogged about how much time modern word processing saves lawyers in drafting documents,...

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Thoughts From DIA 2018, the Annual Meeting of the Drug Information Association
By Litera on July 6, 2018

We’re just back from nearly a week in Boston at DIA 2018, and we’re feeling the truth of this year’s tagline: “driving insights into action.” We are indeed driven and inspired by the...

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Data Privacy in the Age of the GDPR
By Litera on June 29, 2018

After years of buildup, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is finally in effect. Now comes the interesting part, where we all get to learn—in real time—exactly what it...

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The Consolidation Trend in Legal Technology Continues—to the Benefit of Law Firms
By Litera on June 15, 2018

We’ve written before about the advantages of consolidating legal technology companies and why we expect the consolidation trend to continue.

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Click-to-Run & Risk Management
By Litera on May 25, 2018

Click-to-run. CTR. C2R. At this point you have probably seen mention of one of these – this is Microsoft’s alternative to the traditional Windows Installer-based (MSI) method of...

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How Technology Can Help You Save Time and Improve Accuracy in Scientific and Regulatory Writing
By Litera on May 4, 2018

Writing about pharmaceutical and scientific research, whether for publication or for approval by the FDA, is difficult enough already: you have to communicate complex ideas in...

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