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Avoiding the Metadata Pitfalls

By Litera Microsystems on February 8, 2016
Litera Microsystems

Do you know the pitfalls of having metadata in your files that you send out? If you don’t, you might not realize the consequences of what metadata can do to you. There are many known cases of metadata coming back to bite an author because this information was left in documents.

One of the more known cases involved Merck & Co. and an arthritis drug Vioxx. They had an article they were going to submit to a medical journal. This article at one point had information concerning heart attack risks associated with the drug.  I could bore you with the details of the case and how this metadata was found, but I will spare you and only give you the basics.

When the editor of the medical journal found out there was deleted data he was able to track down the original file and expose this information, which was then published. Obviously, this caused a negative effect on the company from having that information exposed. The reason for this happening: the details were removed in track changes, a type of metadata.

Sometimes you may not realize when editing a document there are track changes within it. This is where 3BClean can help prevent these scenarios from happening by processing the documents first for metadata risks.


Topics: Metadata

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