Posted by Jason Vander Meer on Sep 26, 2018 4:51:12 PM

Last quarter we focused on enhancing the stability, security, and compatibility of Litera Microsystems solutions. While that was – and always will be – a focus, in Q3 we dug deep into customer feedback and are excited to share highlights from our latest product release.

Customer feedback boosted overall product functionality.

We take feedback seriously, and it helped us enhance nearly every product. As examples, Litigation Companion now has a brand-new Table of Authorities function, and the comment box comparisons in Change-Pro provide more information to help users check revisions faster. Metadact also had one of the most significant updates in its history, polished off with a sleek new look!

Users are given more ownership over their workflow.

The preferences for Admins and Users working in the document creation and collaboration phases, specifically Clause Companion and Metadact, have been updated. Now, Admins have more control over alerts and can create and implement global and local updates, and users can take more ownership of their workflow.

There has been an increase in stability, security, and compatibility.

As part of our ongoing commitment to support customers that are moving to a more frequent software update model, we release enhancements quarterly. This also makes it easier for IT professionals to plan for and take the necessary steps to maintain security and stability. The integration points between Litera Microsystems solutions (specifically Metadact, DocXtools, Change-Pro, and Innova), iManage 10, and NetDocuments have been enhanced to further simplify and streamline your workflow.

For product-specific release notes and guidelines for installing updates, please sign in to the Customer Center and select your product(s). Or, never hesitate to contact us at

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