Can computers practice law?

By Mike Plumb on February 19, 2015
Mike Plumb

As Manager of Customer Engagement & Adoption on the Customer Services team, Mike has a strong background in technical writing, training, project management, and builds resources to help his clients gain adoption.

As technology continues to accelerate in all businesses and professions, the craft of the profession changes. Pilots used to be “stick and rudder” men—now they are technology systems operators of the highest order. Graphic designers used to start with ideas on scratch pad—now they start out at their computer. The same is true in the practice of law.

computer_lawAccording to Nina Cunningham from the Legaltech news article, Can Computers Practice Law?, because of computers “We can cut and paste and reuse documents to our heart’s content…”

Microsystems agrees with Nina. Legal professionals are constantly reusing content, be it from the Web, a redline report, or an older version of Word document. Copying content from one place and pasting it into their current document. And all the bad stuff from the original source comes along for the ride. That is why you should always check documents that you are working on for stability and other issues.

Microsystems is there for you with our easy-to-use end-user applications, Document Check and Quick Clean, and our robust expert application, Discover. These solutions can give you a quick snap shot of what is going on in your document so that you don’t have to worry about problems arising later. Depending upon your time or experience, you can get basic feedback or lots of detail.

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