DocER is Here When You Need Us the Most

By Adam Bourjaily on April 20, 2017
Adam Bourjaily

Calling all Microsystems clients! How often do you find yourself scratching your head on Microsoft Word documents? What do you do? Sure, you could google the question, but in this day and age it’s difficult to get a straight answer. How do you know if that is the correct answer? If you do find the answer, will it include additional information about how to resolve it in the future?

The saying goes that there is no such thing as a free lunch; well I’m here to tell you that is false. The DocER service through Microsystems Solutions Center IS FREE for all Microsystems clients and it’s chock full of Microsoft Word experts ready to solve your toughest document challenges.

On a time crunch? The DocER service promises a 2-hr turnaround time for all document issues. That being said, I would like to share a small secret with you: most document issues are turned around in 30 minutes or less. But don’t tell them I told you!

Ask around, clients around the world rave about our incredible service and support. It’s no shock that Microsystems has retained 98% of its clients for the past 5 years!

Have security concerns about the document you are working on? Microsystems has a safe file transfer website that will send the document in 64-bit encryption. Additionally, the DocER service and Microsystems will NOT release any information unless instructed by you.

So give us a try! The DocER service is open 17 hours a day from 3 am – 7 pm CST.

For additional questions, please contact us at or by visiting our website.

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