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Don't Get PI In Your Face

By Mike Plumb on March 14, 2015
Mike Plumb

As Manager of Customer Engagement & Adoption on the Customer Services team, Mike has a strong background in technical writing, training, project management, and builds resources to help his clients gain adoption.


Have you ever awoken in a cold sweat, realizing that the document you sent to a client was bad? Can you PIcture this in your mind as you read? GrasPIng for the document as it travels to your client. DesPIte all of your efforts it’s gone. You asPIre to give your client quality product at all times, but now that credibility may exPIre.

We find that our clients sleep peacefully through the night and are hapPIest in the morning. That is because DocXtools and its cornucoPIa of features is PIvotal to their success. It is a linchPIn in their firm, reshaPIng the way they handle document issues and problems.

  • No longer is their PIpeline of documents unstable due to our Document Check and Quick Clean
  • No more coPIng with documents that are directly formatted due to our Style Application feature
  • No longer shipPIng a document with broken cross references due to our Cross Referencing feature

We hope this insPIres you to try DocXtools, to chamPIon the cause of well-formatted and stable documents, and stop the senseless ePIdemic of bad documents kidnapPIng your restful sleep.

You shouldn’t be losing sleep, you should be dreaming of PIcnicking, and eating PIzza, and don’t forget that slice of PI!

Happy PI Day from Microsystems!

To learn more about DocXtools and our complete suite of document solutions, please visit our website, http://www.microsystems.com.


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