Dykema Gossett CIO Interviewed—Tech Aligning with the Future

By Litera on April 29, 2015

David Hambourger, CIO of the national law firm Dykema Gossett, was interviewed by Bloomberg in the Bloomberg BNA “Big Law Business” page.  Mr. Hambourger is the CIO of the firm, with 12 offices across the country.  As CIO, he is responsible for providing technology solutions that help the firm manage itself as a business, as well as assist the attorneys of Dykema in the practice of law, support staff in providing services more efficiently, and promote the overall firm’s efficacy and efficiency.  The article can be found here:  http://bit.ly/1DSMfnc

Mr. Hambourger said of the technology in his firm:  “A lot of people think they are intimidated by technology or don’t want to show they aren’t knowledgeable, so we try to talk about everything but technology. It’s really about, ‘Do you have a problem?’ Or something is taking too long or is too hard. There may be a technological answer.”

Microsystems is proud to be one of the “technological answers” for the attorneys and support staff that Mr. Hambourger references here.  We provide solutions to Dykema that help them manage the complex legal documents that drive the process of law.  Our solutions, provided to Dykema and many other firms, large and small, help attain peak efficiency, avoid risk, control work quality, and deliver the most effective work product for their clients while integrating with tools they already use like Microsoft Office and NetDocuments. 

Mr. Hambourger referenced cloud-based technology as an upcoming trend. Our Patent Companion product, a patent prosecution software application designed to help IP attorneys draft the best possible patent applications, is entirely cloud delivered.

Mr. Hambourger commented on his relationships with technology partners:  “It’s much more for me than a single or a couple of transactions. It’s much more of a relationship. Those are the vendors I’m more drawn to sticking with. Some of it is whatever emotional intelligence one has, and it goes by what am I gathering here and do I trust that.”   We truly appreciate the years of partnership with the Dykema Gossett organization and Mr. Hambourger, and their adoption of multiple Microsystems products.

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