Find Your Home as a Lifelong Learner at Microsystems

By Adam Bourjaily on April 6, 2017
Adam Bourjaily

Changes in technology are forcing a stronger demand between the connection of education and employment. Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative for employees and equally as important for employers!

Data collected from the Boston-based startup, Burning Glass Technologies, found that the largest demand from job advertisements was applicants having a new combination of skills. For example, coding skills are now being required well beyond the technology sector. While technology is becoming more and more independent and automated, employers are searching for candidates who possess and continue to develop their cognitive skills. As good as technology is currently, there is no substitute for human interaction and companies know this.

While a college degree is a good start, and for those who have followed the age-old formula for learning and earning: get as much formal education early in life and reap the rewards later, vocational training is a quick option to provide people job-specific skills. Online classes such as LinkedIn Learning or Udacity and live workshops such as General Assembly aim to provide students and the current workforce with the opportunity to develop the skills that companies feel they are currently lacking in. The best companies are able to offer training and career-focused education throughout employee’s working lives.

Here at Microsystems, we are always looking to invest in our employees. Whether it is through additional training outside of an employee’s daily tasks, Microsystems-hosted knowledge lunches, or the newly-constructed Microsystems University, we believe that the best employees are those that have the options to continue their educational development and thus develop their careers.

Remember, life-long learning is becoming an economic imperative and with Microsystems backing you, the stars are within reach!

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