Five Events You Shouldn’t Miss at ILTACON Next Week

By Litera on August 7, 2017

It’s almost here: ILTACON 2017, the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association, starts on Sunday, August 13. The  days that follow will be packed with educational sessions, keynote speakers, back-to-back networking opportunities, and boundless inspiration. While we all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we plan to bring back plenty of new ideas and new contacts!

ILTACON brands itself as “the premier educational and networking event for the legal sector,” and it’s one of the highlights of our year. We’re still working on narrowing down our options and figuring out how to cover everything we want to see: with 258 results in the session search, we can’t possibly do everything. But here are the five sessions we know we can’t miss.

Pablos Holman’s Keynote and Workshop on Disruptive Innovation

The educational sessions at ILTACON 2017 are kicking off with a keynote address from “futurist, inventor, and notorious hacker” Pablos Holman. Pablos has built his career around “making wild ideas a bit more practical.” We have a few wild ideas of our own, and we’d love to find more ways to advance them. This session promises to offer insights into how we can innovate new solutions for legal technology challenges. Even better, it will be followed by a disruption workshop later in the week, during which we’ll get to work through specific problems, learning new approaches to old conundrums. We’re excited to have a guided tour of how our field, often one that resists change, might be disrupted in the years to come.

Three-Part Discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We know that AI solutions are the future of legal technology, and we’re delighted that AI will be heavily featured at ILTACON 2017. This year, we have three separate sessions covering the myths and realities of AI and natural language processing, AI’s transition “from theory to reality,” and a practical approach to how to maximize results from AI applications. We’re looking forward to getting new ideas about how to discuss AI alternatives as well as best practices in AI projects.

Brian Kuhn’s Keynote on IBM Watson Legal

Continuing the theme that AI is of central importance to legal technology in the future, we can’t wait to hear from Brian Kuhn, the founder of IBM Watson Legal. Brian’s keynote address promises to discuss the misconceptions surrounding both AI and cognitive computing, as well as insights from recent use case workshops. We’re especially interested to hear what he’s learned about customer interest patterns and customer success stories.

“Moneyball for Lawyers”

One educational session that stood out for us is about using legal analytics. This session offers a discussion of how data can be used to predict case outcomes. Firms are starting to use data to anticipate what specific counsel, judges, and parties will do and how well their arguments will work. We love data and look forward to learning about how we could better integrate and apply legal analytics to enhance our customers’ results.

Networking and Social Events

Our time at ILTACON 2017 wouldn’t be complete without the networking and social opportunities we’ll enjoy while we’re there. From the opening reception to daily yoga classes, and from the vendor exhibit hall to the Distinguished Peer Awards dinner and after party, we know we’ll have endless opportunities to reconnect with old friends and make new connections.

Of course, Microsystems will be at ILTACON, too. Stop by Booth 211 / 213 and meet the Microsystems team. We’ve got at least one big announcement we’ll be making onsite about our AI-powered Companion suite, plus our Breakfast Briefing, Wednesday morning. Want to set up some time to meet us? Schedule a session with us now.

Between disruption, hacking, AI, analytics, and getting to know new people and new companies, we can’t wait to head to Las Vegas for ILTACON 2017. We always return full of exciting ideas and new inspiration. If you’ve never been (or even if you have), check out ILTACON’s advice for first-timers and look us up when you arrive at Booth 211/213.

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