ILTACON 2016 is Nearly Here!

By Adam Bourjaily on August 25, 2016
Adam Bourjaily

With this year’s ILTACON just a short time away, we at Microsystems wanted to take this opportunity to summarize all the exciting content driving our ILTA lineup this year. 


Firstly, a big thanks to all of our current clients for their continued support of our software solutions.  Your feedback, your workflows have provided us at Microsystems with the necessary tools to create the best software solutions to assist in your daily needs.  Secondly, a big thanks to all of the other vendors for their help in shaping this to be the best ILTA conference yet!  Finally, an overwhelming thanks to all those who are attending ILTA.  We hope you enjoy your time at this conference.  We love showing off our products to prospective clients and firmly believe that we provide software solutions that meet the highest standards in the legal industry.  Come visit us at Booth 309/311 for more information or for a chance to grab some great giveaways and prizes!

Beginning on Monday, our very own Matt Miller – Product Manager at Microsystems and resident expert in mobile applications for lawyers – will be speaking in Baltimore 1 & 2 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm.  He will focus on the mobile world and how the millennial workforce lives in a hyper-connected world begging for more mobile options.

Also on Monday, we have a session on how users can create high-quality work product using a uniquely integrated combination of best-of-breed components from K2, iManage, Microsystems, and DocuSign.  This session focuses on how the above solutions can streamline processes, reduce risk, and enable efficient external collaboration all while providing excellent control over confidential data.  The location and time for this session is in Annapolis 3&4 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm.

Tuesday, Microsystems has one scheduled conference session but this promises to be one of the best.  Women Who Lead – hosted by Microsystems’ CEO, Stacey Kacek and Microsystems’ VP of Client Services, Chris Vorderer – will be featured in the National Harbor 2 & 3 from 3:30-4:30 pm, and then the Lower Atrium from 4:30 – 5:30 pm and will include with the Monica Bay STEM Leadership Award presentation.  This session promotes a positive look forward by providing your colleagues, ILTA representatives and vendor sponsors the opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts about how women can be effective and successful leaders!  Space is limited and invites must be issued from ILTA.

On Wednesday, the Microsystems Executive team will be hosting a breakfast briefing from 9 – 10 am in Chesapeake E.  The briefing will focus on how technology plays an increasing part in the role of lawyers.  While the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney is some way from being a reality, please join us in showcasing a roadmap on how Artificial Document Intelligence is already assisting firms around the world.  Space is somewhat limited so please check with Jody Cosgrove ( for more details.

A few other sessions Microsystems has lined up on Wednesday include Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s with the Right Document Proofreading Software, which focuses on the essential proofreading applications for lawyers.  Explore how the top 3 leading proofreading applications – Microsystems Contract Companion, Thomson Reuters Drafting Assistant, and Xref – perform a variety of legal drafting and editing tasks.  This demonstration session is hosted by Matt James – Microsystems leading Sales Engineer – and Julian Morgan – Microsystems Director of Marketing – and is located in Maryland B from 1:30 – 2:30 pm.  After the above session, Microsystems will sit down and dig deeper into how Contract Companion can improve the quality of your firm’s output.  This session is from 2:30 – 3:30 pm in Chesapeake E.

Wrapping up on Thursday in the Potomac Ballroom A from 9 – 10 am, Julian Morgan will be representing Microsystems as MC during the Fast and Furious Presentations by Distinguished Peer Award Nominees session.  Come watch as some of ILTA’s Distinguished Peer Awards short-list nominees share their stories with ILTACON attendees.  Presented in TED-style talks, each presenter will have about five minutes to share something valuable.  Expect to hear about the latest project highlights, innovations and accomplishments!

We hope you all are as excited for this year’s ILTA conference as we at Microsystems are!  We look forward to meeting and speaking to you all.  See you soon!

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