It’s That Time Again: ILTACON 2018

By Litera on July 24, 2018

How is it the end of summer already? As this whirlwind season comes to a close, we’re not just excited about sending the kids back to school—we can’t wait to go ourselves! That’s how we feel about heading off to ILTACON 2018: we usually come home overflowing with new ideas and new inspirations.

This year’s annual meeting of the International Legal Technology Association will be held August 19 to 23 in National Harbor, Maryland. ILTACON brings together technology professionals from every aspect of legal practice for educational sessions, product demonstrations, and networking.

While ILTACON is one of our favorite conferences every year, 2018 is shaping up to be particularly exciting. As we get ready for our own back-to-school trip, we’re looking around and taking stock of how far we’ve come in the last year and where we’re headed.

Looking Back: Where Were We After ILTACON 2017?

When we returned from last year’s conference, we had just announced the Litera Microsystems merger. Our newly combined expertise allowed us to offer, for the first time, an end-to-end document lifecycle workflow solution—but we were just getting started.

Now that we’ve spent a year working together, we’re even more sold on the benefits of consolidation for ourselves and, more importantly, for our customers. Legal problems aren’t one-dimensional, and their solutions shouldn’t be either. We find that we’re doing better work and creating more useful products by combining our different perspectives and areas of expertise. And our customers are benefiting from both our integrated wraparound approach and the convenience of working with a single vendor.

But just because things are going well doesn’t mean that they can’t be better.

Looking Inward: Where Can We Improve?

ILTACON 2018 offers over 200 sessions encompassing nine audience tracks and seven learning pathways, so we’re confident that we’ll find plenty of new ideas. This year, there are a few sessions that are right up our alley, focusing on document automation and using technology in document management. Our very own Sherry Kappel will be presenting an entire series on working with Office 365; we’re interested in hearing about what people struggle with in Office and how customers and other companies are using its tools.

We’re also taking a hard look—as everyone is—at information security. To that end, there are two sessions we’re particularly looking forward to. One is a conversation with the CISO at DLA Piper, who will discuss how the firm weathered last year’s ransomware attack. The other promises that we’ll get to watch a 15-year-old hack a law firm website, pointing out vulnerabilities and security deficiencies.

Of course, we’ll be taking surveys while we’re at ILTACON too, so we’ll come back with more on-the-ground insight into what users need from their document solutions, what trends attendees are seeing, and where we should be focusing our efforts in the year to come.

Looking Forward: Where Are We Going?

For 2018, ILTACON has put the spotlight on innovation. All three keynote addresses are focused on the future and how to effect change, starting with the Monday keynote by Lisa Bodell, futurist and innovation expert. There’s an entire educational track geared toward innovation, with one session offering case studies and another discussing how to use Design Thinking to tackle “unsolvable” problems. As we plan for our future, we’re eager to be inspired and challenged by these sessions.

We can’t wait to head to the D.C. area for ILTACON 2018. We hope to see you there!

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