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Litera Microsystems: Our Vision for 2018

By Avaneesh Marwaha on January 24, 2018
Avaneesh Marwaha

As CEO, Avaneesh is responsible for leading Litera Microsystems as we continue to grow in market impact and influence. He drives our entire team to deliver truly leading-edge solutions for our customers, and he challenges our team to improve every function across our business.

As we prepare for Legaltech 2018 next week, I’m looking at the year ahead and planning for where Litera Microsystems is going. I’ve already talked about the legal industry trends I expect to see in 2018, but what about us as a business? Where do we fit in to those trends, and how are we evolving to meet our legal customers’ needs?

Here’s what Litera Microsystems is striving to achieve in the year to come.

1. Producing seamless software solutions for every stage of the document drafting lifecycle.

I expect that legal technology will continue to focus on improving workflows and enhancing lawyers’ efficiency. To that end, we’re reimagining the document drafting lifecycle, starting with a document’s initial creation, through checking for errors and reviewing, and ending with effective collaboration and document sharing. We’re assessing—and addressing—the challenges that arise at each stage of this process, helping legal professionals leverage technology so they can focus on what matters.

By using technology to facilitate high-quality documents, we can help you ensure that your documents are perfect and your reputation is untarnished. Plus, with our software managing your formatting, checking for errors, and maintaining version control of your shared documents, you’ll have time to concentrate on your content and communication.

Drafting Lifecycle.png

2. Providing better tools within a familiar environment.

In the process of revolutionizing our clients’ workflows, we’ve realized that working within a familiar environment can expedite that transition. What does this mean? Switching to an entirely new software platform wastes time—both in the moment, as a user switches views or programs, and over time, as unfamiliar systems necessitate climbing a learning curve. Keeping our tools within the Microsoft Word platform allows our customers to stay within that accustomed environment without program-switching.

This doesn’t just save time: it enables legal professionals to do more work and better-quality work in a single pass. By incorporating our artificial intelligence and automation tools into an existing workflow, our clients can effortlessly do more with their documents.

3. Giving our customers the value of a single-vendor relationship.

Companies continue moving more of their legal work in-house rather than outsourcing jobs to vendors or law firms. This saves time and money without sacrificing results, as new technology enables high-quality self-service. However, the benefits of moving work in house are diminished if you need multiple vendors to cover all stages of the document drafting lifecycle. Instead, our end-to-end document solutions allow our clients to work with a single trusted vendor for all their document needs.

We are here to meet your needs so that you can gain, and retain, more clients, improve their outcomes, and still get home on time. We can’t wait to see how 2018 unfolds for all of us here at Litera Microsystems. We’re looking forward to revolutionizing your document lifecycle this year.

Your reputation matters. Let us help you enhance yours in 2018.

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