Litera Microsystems: What We’re Doing—and Doing Better—in 2019

By Avaneesh Marwaha on February 7, 2019
Avaneesh Marwaha

As CEO, Avaneesh is responsible for leading Litera as we continue to grow in market impact and influence. He drives our entire team to deliver truly leading-edge solutions for our customers, and he challenges our team to improve every function across our business.

What’s in store for 2019 at Litera Microsystems? This was naturally a big topic at our recent company gathering, where every January, we get all of our staff together to talk about what’s important for the upcoming year and the key areas of focus for the business. We had another great meeting a couple of weeks ago, and I’m excited to provide a glimpse of our plans for the year ahead.

This year, we’re planning to focus on three areas, representing a mix of familiar and new elements.

1. Providing products and services that support the entire document drafting lifecycle.

Ever since we introduced the document drafting lifecycle, offering a seamless approach to every aspect of document creation, checking, and collaboration, we’ve been hearing how it addresses our customers’ pain points. With our end-to-end solutions, our clients can work with a single trusted vendor for all their document needs. There’s no need to switch between tabs or programs; users have access to all of the technology they need through a single interface in Microsoft Word.

So far, nearly 40,000 users agree. Litera Desktop is now in widespread use in firms around the world. We’ll continue refining and expanding our products and services to support all of our customers’ needs across the document drafting lifecycle.

2. Leveraging our position within the workflow to surface content contextually.

If you’ve been following our story for any length of time, you know we’re big believers in change. We don’t buy the “traditional wisdom” that lawyers are change-averse. We launched The Changing Lawyer in 2017 to celebrate legal innovation and presented our first-ever Changing Lawyer Awards at ILTACON in 2018 to recognize those champions driving real transformation in the legal space. We’ve written about how lawyers can be change agents and explored how firms can encourage innovation.

But we’re not just asking lawyers to change. We’re continuously improving our products to deliver greater value to our customers. This year, we are exploring how we can connect better with content providers and AI solutions to provide your lawyers with even easier access to the firm’s best content.

3. Integrating with a range of work environments beyond Microsoft Office.

Just because we strive to be the only vendor you need for creating, checking, and collaborating on your legal documents doesn’t mean that we’re going to be the only vendor you use, period. Our entire goal is, and always has been, to help lawyers do their best work without being distracted by the technology that supports them. That means our products need to integrate smoothly with all the tools and platforms that today’s lawyers are using.

This year, we are further investing in the development of our APIs to provide meaningful integration with a wider range of vendors in the industry and enable lawyers to continue using the tools that work for them. We’re interested in disrupting outdated thinking—not disrupting your workflows.

We had a tremendous year in 2018, but we think 2019 is going to be even better for us and—even more importantly—for our customers. We’d love for you to join us to see how focusing on the entire document drafting lifecycle, as well as integration with other key products, can result in even smoother workflows and better return on investment across the entire drafting technology stack.

Topics: Technology, Legal

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