New Cloud Storage Microsoft Office integration

By Matt Miller on February 18, 2015
Matt Miller

Matt Miller serves as Director, Product Management. He has a strong background in Microsoft Word and technology. In Matt’s role at Litera, his focus is on product and product strategy.

With another Mobile upgrade announcement yesterday, Microsoft continues to push forward on its mobile-first, cloud-first agenda. This latest update continues to strengthen support and features regarding its Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps by expanding beyond its partnership with Dropbox and OneDrive to a wider range of cloud storage services. Microsoft is looking to have Office be the preferred way to work with documents no matter where they are stored.

Cloud Storage

The “Locations” picker, as Microsoft has termed it, allows integration with a variety of cloud storage systems and permits users to open, edit, and save documents from within Office. This new feature is available for both the iPad and iPhone currently, and is being worked on for Android apps and for the Office Universal Apps for Windows 10.

These announcements are just one more step in continuing to open up Office in new ways for Microsoft users. The cloud-first, mobile-first world is all about having the flexibility to get things done from anywhere and on any device. Staying on top of this constant stream of updates can be daunting. Microsystems’ Mobility Impact Service is specifically designed to assist those firms who are looking for better awareness of mobile applications and for guidance related to mobile document collaboration and usage. The goal of this service is to provide users with healthy workflows no matter what happens in the ever changing app market.

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