Office for Android - Mobility keeps marching ahead!

By Matt Miller on February 9, 2015
Matt Miller

Matt Miller serves as Director, Product Management. He has a strong background in Microsoft Word and technology. In Matt’s role at Litera, his focus is on product and product strategy.


Microsoft continues to push forward on its mobile-first, cloud-first agenda. The World was abuzz less than a year ago when Microsoft announced Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the iPad - albeit tied to an Office 365 subscription at that time. Fast-forward to the end of last year when Microsoft hit us with two more big Mobile announcements with a truly “freeish” version of Office for iPad and preview versions of Office for Android tablets.

In late January, Microsoft removed the preview moniker from the Office for Android apps pushing them into general availability. Firms looking to provide their user base with a mobile document editing solution on for both iOS and Android devices can now make a unified recommendation. As with the iOS apps launched last year, Office is essentially free to use on Android for most consumers, though certain premium features and business functionality require an Office 365 subscription - hence the “freeish” denotation above.


Microsoft touts that the iPhone and iPad versions of Office have been downloaded more than 80 million times worldwide. These releases on competing platforms represent Microsoft’s new agenda to put the company's features in the hands of users on the most popular devices — whether they run a Microsoft OS or not.

The continued push for mobile adoption by companies like Microsoft and Google, combined with ever-better devices means that people are less tethered to their desks every day. For document-intensive organizations like law firms, this means that utilizing the best tools and services to maintain document quality throughout critical stages of authoring and structure, proofreading/editing and distribution is more important than ever before. Microsystems suite of products – DocXtools, EagleEye, 3BClean and Patent Companion all are designed to help you achieve the best documents possible while limiting risk to reputation and financial liability associated with document issues.

Microsystems’ Mobility Impact Service is specifically designed to assist those firms who are looking for better awareness of mobile applications and for guidance related to mobile document collaboration and usage.  The goal of this service is to provide users with healthy workflows no matter what happens in the ever changing app market.

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