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Briefing Knowledge Leaders: Overcoming Challenges and Driving Adoption With a Digital Document Toolkit
By Abhijat Saraswat on March 10, 2021

I recently participated in a webinar discussion as part of the Briefing Knowledge Leaders 2021 series. In A Digital Document Lifecycle Toolkit for Tomorrow’s Hybrid Legal Working Model,...

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2020 Product Update: Q4 Release Overview
By Jason Vander Meer on January 12, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our Q4 product updates are arriving now! Here are the highlights of the most recent changes—all with customer feedback in mind: 

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Looking Back: The 2020 Winners of The Changing Lawyer Awards In Their Own Words
By Alma Asay on December 30, 2020

On October 1, we held our second “The Changing Lawyer LIVE” conference, during which Litera announced the winners of our third annual The Changing Lawyer Awards. Each winner appeared on...

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Imagination Leads to Innovation
By Litera on November 10, 2020

X Prize CEO and private space explorer Anousheh Ansari believes we can build a better life through technology – if we aren’t afraid to fail.

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Leadership Through Inclusion: Driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Legal Profession
By Litera on October 27, 2020

Moving the needle on creating a more inclusive workforce requires communication, collaboration, data, and support.

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Re-imagining the Future of Work
By Litera on October 23, 2020

A recap of our conversation from the panel, “Re-Imagining the Future of Work” during the October 2020 The Changing Lawyer LIVE! Conference.

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Digital Transformation in the Legal Industry
By Litera on October 21, 2020

A recap of our conversation from the panel, “Digital Transformation in the Legal Industry” during the October 2020 The Changing Lawyer LIVE! Conference.

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2020 Product Update: Q3 Release Overview
By Jason Vander Meer on September 24, 2020

In Q3, we focused on interoperability, integrations, and continued simplification of workflows and vendor relationships. Interoperability across the portfolio gives users similar...

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A New Way to Learn From ILTACON: ILTA>ON Plus LiteraCon
By Litera on September 9, 2020

Like many others, we were disappointed—but not surprised—when one of our favorite legal tech conferences, ILTACON, made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person event for 2020. We...

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Legal Transaction Management

Improving the Signature Management Workflow
By Litera on August 20, 2020

Managing signatures constitutes the largest amount of administrative time for lawyers and their teams when closing a deal. Traditional workflows for creating signature pages and packets...

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