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Litera Microsystems Legal

Why Legal Technology Companies Need Lawyers on Staff
By Litera on October 11, 2019

Who does a legal technology company need to have on staff? Software designers, absolutely. Sales and customer support staff, you bet. But what about lawyers? What do they bring to the...

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Legal Workflow Transaction Management

It’s Time to Start Using Technology to Manage Transactions
By Litera on September 30, 2019

Over the last few decades, lawyers have embraced technology for all kinds of tasks. We use artificial intelligence to rapidly identify case law precedents, judicial analytics to better...

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Product Updates

Litera Product Update: Q3 Release Overview
By Jason Vander Meer on September 18, 2019

It has been a busy quarter at Litera, and we are excited to announce updates from our Q3 product release! While every product received updates, the most notable changes are highlighted in...

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Presenting the Winners of The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019
By Litera on September 4, 2019

We were very excited to announce the winners of The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019 during this year’s ILTACON. Four legal professionals and organizations were recognized at the presentation...

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Events Legal ILTACON

Another Whirlwind Year at ILTACON
By Litera on August 30, 2019

Another year at ILTACON is in the books, and this was a big one. We’re glad to see that ILTA’s annual meeting has returned to its roots and brought more focus back to core IT roles. And...

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Where to Find Litera Microsystems at ILTACON 2019
By Litera on August 12, 2019

It’s almost time for ILTACON 2019, and we’re gearing up for a busy week. ILTACON can be a bit overwhelming—there is so much to do and see, so many people to talk to, sessions to attend,...

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ILTACON session leaders weigh in: What makes us most excited about this year’s event
By Sherry Kappel on August 8, 2019

It’s well known that ILTACON session descriptions only share part of the story of available programming. To help inform attendees I gathered first-hand insights from the people most...

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Litera Microsystems and Workshare: Product Update
By Jason Vander Meer on August 7, 2019

In July, we announced Litera Microsystems and Workshare were joining forces to be one company. The benefits for customers include a simplified relationship, simplified support & software...

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Is Your Technology Driving You to Distraction?
By Litera on July 26, 2019

We say all the time that technology will never replace humans in the practice of law, because the ability to strategically analyze legal problems remains uniquely human. But exercising...

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Life Sciences Events Content Companion

Lessons From DIA 2019: Using Technology to Increase Efficiency
By Matt Miller on July 19, 2019

We’ve recently returned from sunny San Diego, where we attended DIA 2019, the annual meeting of the Drug Information Association. As always, we learned a lot during our time away, both...

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