Litera Product Update: Q3 Release Overview

By Jason Vander Meer on September 18, 2019
Jason Vander Meer

As Chief Product Officer, Jason is responsible for defining and negotiating the strategic vision, planning, execution, delivery, and launch of products in the Litera suite.

It has been a busy quarter at Litera, and we are excited to announce updates from our Q3 product release! While every product received updates, the most notable changes are highlighted in the videos below.

  • Contract Companion: We built upon the Active Drafting feature, which allows users to spot and fix errors directly where the cursor lays in the document instead of depending on the task pane. Now, Active Drafting surfaces errors with terms that are used but not defined, definitions, terms that are defined but not used, and inconsistent capitalization.


Q3 2019 Contract Companion Update Video


  • Metadact: We simplified the process to access password-protected documents and cut down the amount of time it takes to clean multiple documents. To increase security, firms will have one new license key for users with both local and server installations instead of two separate keys.


Q3 2019 Metadact Update Video


Your feedback stayed top of mind and we made many requested enhancements. As always, please follow up with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you submitted anything!

If you are a customer and want to learn more about updates specific to your products, please contact your CSM or log into the Customer Center. To sign up or view a demo, let us know!

This quarter, we also announced Litera, Workshare, and Doxly are joining forces to be one company. With the goal of helping you focus on what matters, we are simplifying the ownership of document drafting technology and enabling you to get the best-of-breed products from a single integrated supplier. All products as part of company integrations will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

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