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Product Update: Q4 Release Overview

By Jason Vander Meer on January 24, 2019
Jason Vander Meer

As Chief Product Officer, Jason is responsible for defining and negotiating the strategic vision, planning, execution, delivery, and launch of products in the Litera Microsystems suite.

Last quarter, our product release was driven by enhancements requested from customer feedback (thank you!), as well as maintenance to both software security and integrations with third-party vendors. We built upon those themes in Q4, and made everything Office 2019-compatible!

Below are just a few of the updates we are excited about:

  • Innova, version 8.1: A new ribbon matches the Office 2019 design theme and, in addition to paragraph marks, Innova can draw more attention to style and paragraph separators with blue and red coloring.
  • Forte, version 12.1: Instead of requiring its own tab, the Forte document creation functionality can be added to any tab within the user’s ribbon. Also, to increase security and flexibility, Administrators can encrypt and change passwords that are used for integrated contacts.
  • Clause Companion for Legal and Content Companion for Life Sciences, version 4.1: When a clause or content is inserted into a document, all number-handling will be consistent and adhere to the destination’s numbering scheme and levels. Also, the addition of clauses and content will now be visible as tracked changes.
  • Litigation Companion, version 10.1: Users can add a Table of Points and Authorities in addition to a Table of Authorities (TOA). Before, users would highlight citations and authorities and manually mark them to be added to their TOA, and/or not be able to create a Table of Points and Authorities. Now, Litigation Companion automatically detects, codes, and combines citations and authorities, allowing users to create these tables. If new citations or points are added, the TOA and Table of Points and Authority will automatically update with it.
  • DocXtools Companion, version 11.1 BETA: This version has not officially been released, as we are facilitating user testing on some highly-requested numbering features. If you are a DocXtools Companion user and interested in providing input, please tell our Customer Success Team!
  • DocXtools for Life Sciences, version 11.1: We enhanced the ability to detect undefined abbreviations within the document, which reminds the user to define them and update the List of Abbreviations. We also created the ability to detect inconsistencies in hyphens, accents, and contraction use, and will notify users to double check their work.

If you are a customer and want to learn more about updates specific to your products, please contact your Customer Success Manager or log into the Customer Center. To sign up or view a demo, let us know!

Topics: Life Sciences, Legal, Product Updates

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