Save Yourself from Metadata Exposure

By Matt Miller on April 28, 2015
Matt Miller

Matt Miller serves as Director, Product Management. He has a strong background in Microsoft Word and technology. In Matt’s role at Litera, his focus is on product and product strategy.

Data about data—metadata. Boring! Who cares, right?

On Monday, the UK Conservative Party found out the hard way what metadata is and why it matters. A letter published in the Daily Telegraph (, supposedly signed by 5,000 small business owners, supported the Tory approach to the economy. The letter is being slammed because, within the metadata, the author listed on the document is shown as the CCHQ Admin (Conservative Campaign Headquarters). 

The document is now being pasted into the spotlight as a piece of propaganda, with no fewer than 400 tweets from single media sources and slammed on many other social media platforms, because the pro-Tory article was found to have come from the party itself.

Just like the Incredible Hulk’s secret that he is always angry—and he can prevent changing if he keeps his heart rate down and his metabolism from responding to the anger and pain—Metadata’s secret is that it is ALWAYS present in our documents.  The good news is that Microsystems can keep the potential damage down because we put the right safety net tools in place. 

Document metadata exposure leads to lost wages, heated clients, reputational damage, and, in this case, wildly bad publicity. Protect yourself from these hidden risks with Microsystems 3BClean. You don’t want to get your clients angry. You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.


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