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Simplify With Single-Vendor Solutions

By Litera Microsystems on September 13, 2018
Litera Microsystems

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life away at work, focusing on the details of a million different single-point software solutions? Are you looking for a better way to create, check, and collaborate on your documents without endlessly switching between different applications and different views?

Legal documents are complex enough; the process of making them should be as simple as possible. Fortunately, the increasing consolidation of the legal technology marketplace is giving rise to single-vendor approaches that offer the simplicity so many of us are yearning for.

Let’s look at what happens when one vendor offers an end-to-end software package that can be mastered using one toolbar within one workflow.

One Vendor

We recently heard about organizations wrangling as many as 300 different applications from hundreds of different suppliers. That means hundreds of bills, each with its own pricing structure, and correspondingly high costs—costs that are difficult to measure or control because they’re so dispersed. That means hundreds of purchasing processes, hundreds of service contracts, and hundreds of supplier relationships to manage. And when there’s something strange happening with your documents, who you gonna call? Great question; it’ll probably take you most of a day to untangle.

We can’t even imagine how much time and effort it takes to manage 300 apps—or the headaches that result.

With one vendor, your organization gets one bill. You have one—definitely lower—billing structure to decipher and monitor. You go through one procurement process. Updating your software is quick and easy, as you have one supplier to check with. And you have just one contact point—who won’t ever be stumped by integration questions—for all your customer service inquiries.

One Toolbar

Working with multiple applications—whether within Microsoft Office or externally—you have to search multiple toolbars or ribbons every time you want to execute a task. That slows you down, adding time to a document creation process that can already feel too time consuming. And that, in turn, leads to low adoption rates. You know what’s worse than paying through the nose for multiple complex point solutions? Paying through the nose for multiple complex point solutions that no one uses anyway because they’re too difficult to master.

With a single vendor’s integrated solution, you only have to master one interface. You know where everything you need is, because it’s all in one ribbon. That means users can get up to speed faster—and adoption rates skyrocket.

One Workflow

There is—or there should be—a logical progression in the way that documents are created, checked, and collaborated on. But when you’re using a variety of different applications to complete different subcomponents of those tasks, you’re constantly switching views and environments. The logic gets lost in the shuffle, as lawyers are forced to jump back and forth between different apps. It’s distracting even for the most focused among us—and in today’s constantly connected world, focus is already in short supply.

With one vendor and one toolbar, you can stay in one environment for your entire workflow. Get into deep focus with a single unified solution, working left to right across a logical workflow that actually works. Stop changing formats, alt-tabbing around to different windows, and trying to keep track of where you were in the pipeline. Simplify your experience with one interface that offers a unified end-to-end software solution for your complex legal problems.

We’re here to make tools that lawyers want to use. We’re excited to get our customers engaged with a wraparound document lifecycle solution so they can do more high-quality work more efficiently than ever before. We’re helping lawyers create better documents faster, and then check those documents and collaborate meaningfully on them, all in one place. And it’s working: we’re hearing from our customers that their lawyers are more profitable and less stressed-out. Overall, they’re just happier with their work and with the results of that work.

One vendor. One toolbar. One workflow. What can it do for you?

Topics: Technology, Legal

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