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The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019: Celebrating Excellence in Legal Innovation

By Avaneesh Marwaha on May 13, 2019
Avaneesh Marwaha

As CEO, Avaneesh is responsible for leading Litera Microsystems as we continue to grow in market impact and influence. He drives our entire team to deliver truly leading-edge solutions for our customers, and he challenges our team to improve every function across our business.

The legal profession has changed at a relentless pace over the last decade and its evolution is set to continue. New ways of working are emerging, upending traditional models, and law firms must keep pace with technology if they want to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market. The Changing Lawyer Awards are an opportunity to recognize and celebrate those individuals and organizations which have best embraced and championed these changes.

The 2019 Awards

Springing from the ideas and trends we’ve presented in The Changing Lawyer publication’s articles, these awards recognize individuals and organizations that are creating new value for their clients—and themselves—by leveraging technology, creative service models, or transformative behavior. Last year, The Changing Lawyer Awards recognized the top legal innovators in the market.

This year, we’re continuing to look for champions of change, and we need your help to find them. We encourage anyone with an interest in the subject to submit nominations—and self-nominations are welcome too. There are four categories for this year’s awards:

The Disruptor of the Year Award

For an alternative legal service provider or legal tech startup that has managed to disrupt the broader legal profession through new processes, technology, or service delivery, whether it’s through innovative services offered directly to clients or redesigned management systems or technology.

The Law Firm of the Year Award

This category is for law firms that have successfully reimagined the way they serve their clients. These firms have implemented core process changes, creative billing arrangements, or other innovations to transform the way they provide legal services and improve the value they provide to their clients.

The Legal Innovator of the Year Award

For the individual who has driven the most significant change within their firm. They’ve positively impacted the law firm and its clients, encouraged the adoption of new technology and services, and demonstrated an impact on the firm’s value through their initiatives.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has been influential throughout their career as a champion of change, demonstrating a commitment to driving the evolution and beneficial impact of technology within legal services. Nominated by the Changing Lawyer Awards judging panel, the award honors a visionary in the legal technology space, one who has displayed exceptional merit, leadership, and vision during their career.

We created The Changing Lawyer because we wanted to recognize those changes impacting the profession and contribute to the conversation around it. The Changing Lawyer Awards give us an even more direct way to do that.

Submit your nomination today!

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