The Power of Thinking Forward

By Adam Bourjaily on January 12, 2017
Adam Bourjaily

Todd Corham is the CIO at Saul Ewing LLP.  Recently, he released an article in ILTA's 2016 Tech Survey about “thinking forward” when taking advantage of technology. 

Todd argues, and rightfully so, that people tend to resist change once set in their ways.  Those who deal with having to resist that resistance to change deal with a major daily difficulty: getting people to change. 

Todd has the charts to back it up.  “You’ll see…that change remains arguably the leading challenge in legal technology”.  In that vein, Todd says, “technologists need to think forward to ensure (firms) are using (their) resources in support of their priorities”.  How does one do that? 

The top 3 technology issues or annoyances show many different responses from firms across the world.  Security compliance and Risk Management has held the top spot for about 4 years, which should come as no surprise.  However, two of the top 3 and three of the top 5 responses were around managing change within firms; the second technology issue or annoyance within your firm was getting users acceptance to change. 

How can a firm ease this challenge?  Perhaps, as Todd suggests, a firm can spend more time on training, provide more resources on marketing change or understanding the psychology of the users in the business so that technologists can provide as much value as possible.  One thing is for certain, getting people to adapt to change can be difficult enough, getting users to adapt to a technological change well that is a whole other challenge.

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