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The Year in Review: A Look Back at 2018 for Litera Microsystems

By Litera Microsystems on December 20, 2018
Litera Microsystems

What an amazing year it’s been! When we were looking forward to this year, we predicted that our focus on the document drafting lifecycle—and the benefits of a single vendor relationship—would help our clients realize more efficient and effective workflows. But what we didn’t foresee was just how incredible this year would turn out to be for ourselves and our clients.

Now that we’re about to wrap up 2018, we want to pause to reflect on where we’ve been—both figuratively and quite literally.

1. We’ve produced seamless software solutions for every stage of the document drafting lifecycle—with remarkable success.

We launched our first post-merger solution, Litera Desktop, earlier this year. Litera Desktop brings together every phase of the document drafting lifecycle—from document creation through checking and collaboration—in a single integrated ribbon interface within Microsoft Word. It puts the precise tools that lawyers need to draft and complete their documents exactly where they need them, when they need them, without switching windows or applications or interfaces. This year, firms representing almost 25,000 users, including global law firms Clifford Chance and K&L Gates, have purchased the solution taking the total number of users to nearly 40,000.

We knew it would be helpful, anticipating that it would streamline workflows, but we couldn’t foresee the incredible overall impact it would have for law firms. Now, it’s turned into a “self-reinforcing positive feedback loop,” whereby we’re learning what our clients need from their document tools and our clients are having their up-to-the-moment needs addressed.

2. We’ve celebrated innovation in the law through The Changing Lawyer and the Changing Lawyer Awards.

We’re big believers in the power of innovation and creativity, and we believe lawyers can be influential agents of tremendous change. That was the sentiment behind our creation of The Changing Lawyer, a digital and print publication celebrating innovation in the law. Clearly, we’re not alone! Besides countless online views, we’ve printed 7,000 copies for distribution. And the critical reception has been refreshing: the Hermes Creative Awards recognized The Changing Lawyer as its gold winner for Best Interactive Media eMagazine.

To expand the recognition of other innovative practices in the law, we decided to go a step further, creating The Changing Lawyer Awards. Again, the response was huge: we received 55 nominations, which we narrowed down to 20 finalists and four ultimate winners. We spoke with the winners following their recognition and got insights from CIO Judi Flournoy, attorney Natalie Munroe, Casetext CEO Jake Heller, and chief knowledge officer Lucy Dillon. We presented the awards at our briefing at ILTACON that drew a crowd of better than 150 attendees. We saw 10 news articles covering the awards, in addition to eight blog posts written by finalists and their companies. And there was even more buzz on LinkedIn and Twitter: we saw more than 100 social media posts celebrating the awards, creating 75,000 social impressions.

3. We’ve continued to learn from our existing customers, while reaching out to new customers in diverse markets.

The truth is, we knew that Litera Microsystems was having a banner year, but until we pulled the numbers together, we didn’t realize just how busy we’d been.

We’ve traveled all around the world to meet with law firms. Along the way, we’ve met with prospective customers in their offices and at 44 different tradeshows, roadshows, and community gatherings. That adds up to nearly 3,000 total meetings at 761 firms just this year.

Naturally, we haven’t just been staring out the window during our travels: we’ve been thinking hard and spreading the word in other ways too. This year, more than 100 articles have discussed our work, creating a total of 30,000,000 impressions. Our executive team has published 12 thought leadership articles on a wide variety of industry topics, while our newsletter has been delivered to 9,000 customers every month. We’ve hosted or participated in 41 webinars and published 43 blog posts.

And maybe it’s just the good karma from The Changing Lawyer Awards, but we’ve been recognized ourselves for 11 awards. We were named supplier of the year in the British Legal Tech Awards, as one of the 25 best workplaces in Chicago, and as a leader in legal AI in the National Law Journal’s inaugural list.

We’re proud of our success and inspired to see what else we can achieve in the next year. Rest assured that, heading into 2019 and beyond, we’ll be keeping our focus right where it belongs: helping our customers protect their own reputations.

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