Thoughts From DIA 2018, the Annual Meeting of the Drug Information Association

By Litera on July 6, 2018

We’re just back from nearly a week in Boston at DIA 2018, and we’re feeling the truth of this year’s tagline: “driving insights into action.” We are indeed driven and inspired by the insights we gained to transform these new ideas into action!

DIA focuses on advancing healthcare by bringing together professionals from every related industry and practice area for in-depth discussions of common concerns and solution-building. For our part, we’re particularly interested in learning about how technology is revolutionizing healthcare and how we can help.

There were dozens of major themes explored at DIA, but three particularly caught our attention.

1. Harmonization

With the huge variety of professions and practice specialties represented at DIA, there was a continuing conversation about how we can harmonize approaches across different teams that have differing needs and considerations. Are there ways to standardize certain aspects of care to maximize its efficiency and quality across different settings? We believe our document management technology offers one way to standardize records and information; we’re interested to see if we can find more applications for harmonizing healthcare.

2. Content Management

Everyone wants a better way to manage their content. Researchers and businesses from a variety of fields are searching for ways to reuse their content rather than constantly starting from scratch. Additionally, healthcare and life sciences professionals need straightforward and efficient tools to quickly identify and access their most critical and useful content. We’re confident that our experience with document management in the legal and life science industries can help us offer effective solutions to meet these pressing needs.

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

People are ready to move past the buzzword stage of AI and into the utility stage, putting AI to work on our trickiest problems. We know that there are avenues to leverage AI to advance science and scientific technology; this cross-professional consortium was looking for the best of them.

As a parting note, we want to congratulate the meeting coordinators on an absolutely packed agenda that overwhelmed us with worthwhile options. In particular, we loved how DIA structured its conference offerings. With formats ranging from 90-minute expert panels to traditional educational sessions and limited-attendance roundtables, we were always able to find not only numerous topics of interest but also learning styles that suited our energy levels and desire for participation. The smaller sessions were thoughtfully designed for highly interactive discussions and peer-to-peer informational exchanges, providing a rare opportunity to cross-pollinate our ideas with leaders from other segments of the healthcare and life science industries.

DIA 2018 was truly a learning experience and a chance to think across traditional boundaries.

If you haven’t yet attended a DIA conference, put next year’s meeting on your calendar now.

Topics: Life Sciences, Events, Technology

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