What’s in Store for Litera in 2020

By Litera on February 27, 2020

Sometimes—especially in the first few months of the year—it’s helpful to step back, take stock of where you’ve been, reevaluate where you’re going, and make sure that the path you’re on is going to get you there.

The Internal Litera Company Summit

Litera went through a pretty major reinvention in 2019, with the acquisitions of Workshare and Doxly and our entry into the world of transaction management. That made our annual internal summit in Chicago bigger than ever: it was the first time we brought together 234 of us from around the world to officially join forces as one company. Over the week we spent together, we aligned our views on our core mission, our themes, and our initiatives for the year and spent a lot of time discussing how to make our customer support even better and further enhance adoption. We also had a chance to network, meet people from other offices we hadn’t yet crossed paths with, and engage in both formal and informal team-building.

We’ve launched a new brand—check out our updated website—and essentially stripped our identity down to the studs to discuss anew who we are as a company. Our aim is to create software that empowers lawyers from their first drafts all the way through to final delivery and execution, simplifying the way that the legal profession leverages technology. As part of that, we’re evolving from our identity as exclusively a legal technology company into a new role as a modern software company. We’re out to change the way lawyers think about our products. We don’t want to be a literal drag on attorney workflows—another “to do” that lawyers have to check off as they learn to use (and remember to use) our technology. Instead, we intend to be a resource, providing functional and intuitive tools that are exactly where they need to be at exactly the moment lawyers need them.

Bringing 2020 Into Focus

With the addition of transaction management technology, we’ve extended our view of documents in two different ways. First, we’re extending the drafting lifecycle, encompassing not just creation and completion of documents but also their use in transactions. Second, we’re no longer considering just one document at a time; instead, we’re helping attorneys manage all of the documents involved in a transaction all the way through the deal’s close.

This again emphasizes our belief that law firms are best served by having a single vendor who can help them throughout an entire workflow. It’s a simpler, easier, more efficient way to manage the tasks of creating documents and completing transactions as well as the operational work of managing that work. We’re here to help you focus on what matters: serving your clients, running your practice, and even enjoying the process. We’re not trying to be front-and-center in your attention—we think it’s our job to get out of the way and let you do your work.

If you haven’t checked out our full suite of document workflow and transaction management solutions yet, request a demo to learn more.

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