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When Metadata is Exposed

By Litera Microsystems on May 16, 2016
Litera Microsystems

Sending a document with revisions is acceptable when collaborating with a client.

However, when communicating with a journalist, Track Changes is not such a good idea. This recently occurred in the United Kingdom when a pharmacist who works for the Boots Pharmacy chain sent a Word document to a writer at The Guardian. The letter, claiming to be from an independent pharmacist, had active revisions made by an executive with the Walgreens Boots Alliance.


Extract from the letter that was revised by Boots Executives.

The document showed changes that the executive had made to edit a form-letter into a more personal appeal. The sender initially denied that the document had been edited by a corporate executive but later admitted that it had been changed to fix grammatical issues.

A metadata cleaning tool such as Microsystems 3BClean would have removed the revisions helping to avoid this corporate embarrassment for Walgreens Boots, plus address other types of metadata such as document properties, updating field codes and other risks.


Topics: Metadata

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