Why Litera Microsystems Won Supplier of the Year in the British Legal Tech Awards

By Litera on November 13, 2018

We’re delighted to have been awarded the Large Enterprise Supplier of the Year by the British Legal Tech Awards. This award recognizes the supplier that has “demonstrated excellence in legal technology and client-focused services” while “re-shaping the future of the world’s largest law firms and legal businesses.”

We’ve heard from our customers that our approach to legal technology simplifies their work—an approach that focuses on end-to-end solutions created by synergistic teams working together as a consolidated force. Not only does this produce a better user interface, but it also makes vendor management easier. Our customer retention rate proves the success of our customer-focused service. Now, this third-party validation—from the same highly respected organization that runs the British Legal Technology Forum—can help us spread the word about how consolidation can improve legal technology services.

The judges highlighted four reasons for selecting us as their Large Enterprise Supplier of the Year:

1. We consolidated companies and technologies to create a true end-to-end document solution.

Last year, we brought together Litéra, Microsystems, and The Sackett Group, adding to our merger with X-Ref the previous year. Together, these high-level partners have combined their unique expertise to build a true end-to-end document solution for lawyers and CIOs.

As a single vendor, Litera Microsystems has worked to integrate the various solutions each partner brought to the table. We simplified the product portfolio by combining some products and creating new feature sets in others. This allowed us to offer both a full document drafting suite as well as its individual component parts.

2. As a team, we aligned our discrete visions to offer a single unified user interface.

In 2018, Litera Microsystems introduced Litera Desktop, a wraparound solution developed specifically for lawyers that covers the entire legal document drafting lifecycle. Litera Desktop uses a single unified ribbon within Microsoft Word, giving lawyers easy access to our full array of innovative, best-of-breed tools without any interruption in workflow or focus. This enhanced, intuitive user interface has solved many law firms’ problems with adoption rates, providing an end-to-end solution that is readily available every step of the way.

This integrated approach is resonating with CIOs and lawyers across the industry; we’re consistently hearing feedback seeking even greater levels of consolidation in legal technology. We hope that our vision will change the way firms look to buy and use other technologies in the legal document space.

3. Our single-vendor solution streamlines and simplifies product and vendor management.

It’s not just easier to use Litera Desktop; it’s easier to administer as well. By centralizing customer support and services, customers have a single point of contact across the platform. Purchasing, setup, product training, and billing all occur just once, with immediate wraparound customer service through one easy-to-reach support line.

4. Our focus on customer service—demonstrated by an incredible retention rate and stellar NPS score—highlights the success of our approach.

During and following last year’s merger, we maintained a 98 percent customer retention rate. That pretty much says it all as far as how our customers feel about our products and the service and support we offer. In addition to retention, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure of customer advocacy reflecting the ratio of loyal product enthusiasts to unhappy detractors, is consistently high, at 60-plus points on a scale from -100 to 100.

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